About Bond Association Management

Business and Community Associations have existed for many, many years, and have always been an integral part of career development. In the past, these associations were managed by volunteers who took on all the workload and responsibility. Today, in this fast-paced business world where everyone is trying to juggle a busy family life along with a heavy workload, it is more difficult to get volunteers to manage all the work of the organization. That’s where we come in. Bond Association Management Services has the ability to manage all aspects of national, regional, and local not-for-profit business associations and local association chapters. We become the staff of our associations and manage all, many, or some of the duties required to keep the association viable and on the right track. We work alongside the volunteers providing support and liaising with the members when and where needed.

What are the benefits of using an AMC? The Association Management Institute has created this comprehensive list:

Operational and Staffing Benefits:

  • Customized staff and services
  • Broad-spectrum of expertise
  • Day-to-day and ongoing staff management
  • Improved staffing and resource allocation
  • Proven best management practices and best-of-class resources and technologies

Financial/Business Benefits:

  • Efficiencies derived from leveraging shared resources
  • Improved buying power
  • Reduced business risks

Long-Term Benefits:

  • Greater member satisfaction resulting from the professionalism and responsiveness of staff
  • Freedom from daily operations that allows Boards to maintain their focus on mission and strategy
  • Integration of innovative strategies and ideas
  • Scalability to accommodate organization growth or contraction over time