Andrea Bricks, Managing Director, is considered the ‘senior statesman’ of Bond.  Over the past 50 plus years, Andrea has had a myriad of job experiences leading up to her current position.  She began her working career as a teacher; sold advertising and wrote a column for a small local newspaper; became a publicist for a Toronto theatre; partnered with Eva Stal and opened a real estate brokerage which led both her and Eva and then Shari Bricks into a successful partnership venture, Bond Executive Offices Inc. which led to Bond Association Management.  All of this varied experience along with her people skills has given Andrea the tools to become a creative ideas person and problem solver; and a proficient arbitrator, mediator.  Along the way Andrea has volunteered on many community committees. She is the mother of three grown children and a grandmother of four.

Anthony is the day-to-day, hands-on technological brain of our organization. Without a guy like Anthony running the Technology side we would never have come up with proprietary software to help us run our associations smoothly, or push boundaries on existing association software and take ideas from board members and members to enhance all aspects of the association’s operations. He is a genius at inventing new ways of developing and using technology. Anthony has been with us for just over ten years and has brought us along the information highway to where we are today. He is amazing!

Debbie Cullen has been with Bond for over seven years. Debbie is an Administrator and Member Support person with a lot of responsibilities that she handles with ease and aplomb.

Eva Stal, Managing Director, is the visually creative part of the team.  She is an accomplished artist and has been successful in many artistic mediums; sculpting, watercolours, acrylics, jewelry making – in other words, she’s done it all.  Her natural artistic ability is invaluable when creating the atmosphere for special events. Eva’s portfolio is client services. Eva’s outgoing personality is infectious and clients enjoy working alongside her in any situation. In 1986 she partnered with Andrea Bricks and opened a real estate brokerage which led both her and Andrea into a successful partnership venture in 1990, Bond Executive Offices. Shari Bricks joined the team in 1991 and in the year 2000, Bond Association Management was formed.  Along with her many hobbies she is the coordinator of the book club in her condo building. Eva is a mother of three grown children and grandmother of five.

Greg’s name around here is affectionately referred to as ‘info at’. A loyal staff member since October 2004, nobody can beat Greg’s memory for people – their names – their affiliation – home town – all kinds of information that they have imparted to Greg, consciously or unconsciously he remembers. Greg handles approximately 6,000 members and remembers them all. It’s absolutely scary! Members love when he recognizes them by voice, face, and name. He is a real people person and no one does people better than Greg.

Jason Butkus is our in-house Association Meeting Planner and has been on staff since April 2013. Many of our associations offer classes, lectures, workshops, meetings with speakers – an assortment of partial and full day events throughout the year from big to small and Jason handles all the logistics of each and every one, from finding and arranging the venue to ordering food, liaising with the appropriate volunteer committee, etc. For many of our associations he is on site guiding the setup, food service, greeting the speaker, meeting with the AV people and manning the reception desk. He does a great job. Lots of little details – all managed so all in attendance get a flawless experience, time over time.

Katrine, our office manager, is an integral member of our team.
Katrine has already demonstrated her value to our team through her remarkable organizational ability.  She assists our Association staff with tasks and responsibilities that occur on a regular basis, to ensure no one misses a beat for our various members and their member experience. Katrine is the voice who greets all callers to our office.

Larisa is our Small Events Coordinator and Membership support. She is a huge asset to our team. She is organized in her planning and her work and has a unique charm in her dealings with Members.

Lina Liu is a key staff person with Bond. She is the accountant that handles all of our bookkeeping services. In addition, Lina is the Account Executive for the Ontario Association of Orthodontists. She is dedicated and tireless and extremely well organized. She is a great asset for Bond and their clients. She graduated from University of Zhongnan in China with a Bachelor of Science degree and from Seneca College with a diploma in Accounting.

Michael, a senior associate at BAM, specializes in helping Professional Associations, Non-Profit Organizations and other Groups with their technology and strategic operation challenges. Michael holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management and a Master’s degree in Information Science.  As a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) Michael brings plan and structure to all our clients and related activities ensuring project plans and critical paths are in place and followed thru to completion. As an expert in systems based procedures, website and member management, Michael is able to oversee our IT staff to ensure all systems-based needs are met and adhered to. Michael is a self-professed technology watcher and Social Media user, and has been working with computers and software and following their trends since the early 70’s. He is also a lifelong volunteer, with active leadership roles in associations, credit unions, youth sports groups and golf leagues.

Reza is instrumental to our technology team. From websites, to databases, privacy compliance, eblasts, computer hardware and software, and more, Reza keeps all our staff and clients’ needs his prime daily concern.  Reza has developed a strong knowledge base of providing board members, volunteers and members to enhance all aspects of the association’s operations. He is very adept at inventing new ways of developing and using technology.

Bond is owned and managed by Shari Bricks, along with two partners. Shari heads up the National and International Association Management division and she would be the prime liaison between our staff and the CIOCAN. With a Bachelors of Commerce degree specializing in Hospitality and Tourism Management, an honors degree in Urban Planning, over 20 years in the Hospitality industry and most specifically the past 15 years in the Association Management field, she has developed extensive knowledge in administering various types and sizes of associations. Shari’s specialties include governance, leadership, strategic thinking, and event/conference planning and execution.   Shari was the co-chair of the November 2014 AMCI (Association Management Company Institute) Accredited Forum program and she is also an active volunteer in youth sports, and spends her spare time at various rinks managing her son’s competitive rep hockey team.

Shirley is our communications specialist and an account executive is an invaluable asset to our team. Even though her portfolio consists of producing association magazines, periodicals, flyers, e blasts and conference/convention programs, and more, she is also our right hand girl when it comes to organizing and executing the larger conventions and conferences. Shirley has been with us for almost eight years, and she is always super organized. A consummate organizer, Shirley is superb at handling all the details.

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