Each year many of our associations hold conferences, conventions and one-off events. We are tasked with planning the entire event which usually always includes an awards dinner and social event. We understand that these events are usually one of, if not THE highlight of the conference, and therefore must be painstakingly planned. Above all, the evenings should be memorable so that members will look forward to continue to attend these conferences.

Our experience working with so many different groups tells us what works and what doesn’t and, along with input from the association itself, we “tailor make” the event.

Conference Logistics and Supplier Management

  • BAM will consult with client regarding the program format and room set-ups for sessions, to ensure that the planned program works within the confines of the selected venue space.
  • BAM will assist in determining all meeting logistical requirements
  • BAM will issue requests for proposals for required services,
  • BAM will provide the venue with complete and accurate event details for all function space, with information on room set-ups, times, audio-visual, etc.
  • BAM will monitor hotel bedroom block pick-up, make reservations for speakers and others as required,
  • BAM will monitor all information and implement any changes on an on-going basis, as required.
  • BAM will prepare all signage requirements.
  • BAM will determine all food and beverage requirements
  • BAM will manage all suppliers and sub-contractors.

BAM has the resources and manpower to ensure that all of our events have a strong revenue base supported by sponsors and vendors.

BAM involves event partners and/or sponsors, whether they participate in the event by becoming part of a vendors showcase, or spend their advertising dollars to help in reducing member/participant costs while contributing to the bottom line. We have been working with clients in this regard since 2000.

Let us help you build those wide-ranging, long-term relationships to advance the work of your organization and contribute profit to your events.

A sampling of the services we provide are:

  • Create promotional marketing flyers and/or e-mail ads and website content
  • Prepare appropriate signage, banners and/or PowerPoint slides to recognize sponsors.
  • Prepare and distribute RFPs for exhibit space services, if required.
  • Review proposals received, recommend suppliers and negotiate the contract
  • Manage the exhibit services companies prior to the meeting and on-site, if these services are required.