Managing your Association with BAM

Providing services for associations is the core of Bond Association Management (BAM) services. It has been in the business for more than 25 years. Among its services are association management and administration, membership services, technology services for associations, financial and accounting services, and fundraisings. Its knowledge and understanding in providing these kinds of services come from its years of experience.

Association Management and Administration

This involves general administration matters such as assisting with writing or revising Association By-laws and mission statements; providing administrative and strategic support for the association’s Executive Council, Board of Governors of Directors, Committees, and Task Forces; and generating policies and implementing processes for awards and grants. BAM also conducts market research and surveys and analyzes the trends and statistics of the results. It also offers a full range of headquarters services which extends to general administration, mail processing, fixing of accounts payables and accounts receivables, telephone support, and many other services.


Membership Services

BAM gives premiums to makes member services a priority. BAM provides a system for a prompt and professional response to the association’s member’s inquiries and concerns. It also helps in the processing of new member applications and even prepares application packets to be review by your association’s membership committee. Since members are an important priority for BAM, it also develops strategies for recruiting new members and retaining existing ones and implements them in a timely and professional manner.

Technology Services for Associations

Due to the growing dependence of people and corporations on the internet, BAM provides services for your association to utilize the current and latest technology. This enables us to maintain or improve the association’s databases and other information systems vital to the internal management of the association. It also helps create an online presence for your association by managing its web site, positioning it in social networking sites, and even extending their presence to apps and mobile-friendly web sites. BAM runs your website by providing updates promptly on the latest news and announcements about your association.



Event Management
Registration Desk - Support Staff

Money Matters

Finances are always a challenge with every Not-For-Profit Association. It’s a tug of war between income and expenses – expenses rise while at the same time there is a resistance to raise membership fees. It’s becoming more and more difficult to balance the budget while trying to give the membership first rate programming. Having dealt with so many of these challenges over the years has given us the knowledge of how to ‘get the best bang for the buck’ and present first rate programs on a limited budget. In addition we offer a sponsorship and vendor program that has raised additional funds that can be used to raise the level of programs.

Accounting services: Financial acumen is of extreme importance when handling the accounting for associations. BAM helps organize your association finances by assisting the Board in preparing budgets for the operation of the association and monitoring them on a regular basis. We use generally accepted accounting practices to track income and expenses yearly and for each event. We prepare and distribute financial reports in a timely manner. BAM believes in the policy of total transparency of financials and those on the board in charge of finances can monitor the flow of funds. We make sure that every dollar is accounted for and we provide financial reports that are detailed, easily read and understood.

Keen Eye for Detail

Our team is incredibly detail oriented.  BAM is a team of eagle eyes that can spot even the tiniest flaw or mistake and have it corrected before it leaves our hands.  We double check and even triple check all written and internet material before it’s published.  We check all aspects of each and every event before and during so that nothing can go wrong.  And if by chance something unexpected goes wrong, we think on our feet and move quickly to fix the problem.

BAM Helps Manage Your Association

Proving Services for Not-For-Profit Business Associations is the core business of Bond Association Management (BAM). We have been in this business for over 15 years. Among the services we provide are:

  • Governance
  • Day to day Administration, mail, telephone, meeting rooms, seminar rooms,
  • Financial Administration and Accounting Services
  • Technological Services from A to Z
  • Membership Services; from maintaining membership lists to monitoring dues payments
  • Complete Range of Communication services
  • All Aspects of Event and Meeting Management
  • Sponsorship

These services can be purchased a la carte or bundled.