Andrea Bricks

Optimized-Andrea at CAPS 2018

Managing Director

It’s not often you come across someone as remarkable and inspiring as Andrea. Her tagline says it all: Retire? Me? Are you kidding? Rather than give up and get out, she chooses to get up and go. She jokes that with her energetic personality and hard-to-see wrinkles, you would never guess that she’s 78. And she’s right!

Throughout her life, Andrea’s worked a myriad of jobs; teaching elementary school, advertising and writing for a small newspaper, acting as a publicist, becoming a real estate agent, and much more. She also has quite the impressive volunteer history, often volunteering for positions outside her scope. Instead of shying away, she tells herself she can do it and then learns the skills to do the job. You’re probably wondering if there’s anything she can’t do… Well, there is one thing. She’s never taken up volunteering as a surgeon because she knows her limitations.

In 1990, Andrea ventured into a partnership with Eva Stal (now retired) to found Bond Executive Offices. They were then joined by Shari in 1991. Shari spearheaded their opening of Bond Association Management in 2003. As one of the Managing Directors, Andrea ensures the daily operations are running smoothly, provides strategic guidance to the team, and keeps the company on track to reach its financial vision and goals. Using her age as an advantage, Andrea leverages all of her important life lessons and experiences to bring profound knowledge to the company.

Her great outlook on life, combined with her varied experience, gives Andrea a unique set of skills; it’s no wonder we’ve been operating for over 30 years.